Friday, August 29, 2008

Lillian's Model Pose

I had to post this picture. It looks like Lilly is posing with this "oh yeah I can work the camera" pose. Her Daddy and I took her out to Hefner Lake and we strolled around. It was such a nice evening.

Just thought I would post our most recent Family picture. We had a great one taken outside of our house, but I deleted it! I was so mad at myself. But, this one will do. I realized the other day that we hadn't taken a photo of the three of us since June. I probably take to many pictures, but I don't want to miss any of Lilly's different stages.

A couple of updates. We have found a Church that we are excited about, so we are getting more involved to see if this is where God would lead us to call our Church Home. With this it also allows me to drop Lilly off in the nursery. Well, Lilly hasn't been the most happy camper at the Church Nursery. They have had to get me once out of Church to come see about her and it always seems that she needs a bottle way before it is time to eat.....which means she must have had a fit. So, I am hopeful that Lilly will soon come to love going to the nursery and playing with the other kids. I am sure it is hard to adjust when we hangout 24/7 all the time and then to come to the realization that Mom isn't coming back for awhile might be a lot to take. She will learn after several weeks of the same thing that everything will be fine and Mom will come back sooner or later.

Also, we have another tooth on the top left side that just came through. I am excited to see what Lilly looks like with a mouth full of teeth. I did not realize that her tooth had broken through until Tuesday morning I heard this awful sound coming from her mouth. I thought what in the world does she have in her mouth. I reach in there and realize she is grinding her teeth together. Ahhh.....she does it a couple of times throughout the day now. It makes your whole body tighten up when she starts to grind.

Well, those are the updates. I hope everyone is doing well. See ya soon.

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Albert & Codie said...

You can never take too many pictures! You'll be glad you have all of them in a few years. Looks like you guys are staying busy and having so much fun as a family!