Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visiting Family in Texas

At the end of July Lilly, my Mom and I went to visit our family in Plainview, TX. We had such a good time visiting with everyone and it was so good to see my Grandmother who is 90 years old and still lives on her own and drives. I hope to be able to do the same at that age.

The first pictures you see are of my Aunt Gwen's beautiful garden. She has the greenest thumb I have ever seen! It's amazing. Lilly got to feed the goldfish in her backyard with our cousin Kylie. Lilly also got to feed a lot of animals at my Aunt Leta's house. That crazy goat was so funny and loved his "cookies" they called it. Lilly just had a ball feeding palomino horses, dogs, goats and donkeys. It was fun to watch. Lilly was a great traveler and learned that Gram's has a "TV" in her car. Every time we got back in the car she wanted the "TV" on. I tried to tell her it was for long rides, not just to drive down the street. It was a fun visit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4th of July with the Levy's

This year we spent 4th of July down South with the Levy's. We had a great time and the girls enjoyed playing together. We did a lot while we where there. We swam, played at the local spray pad, went to the hometown parade that lasted about 10 min's and watched fireworks at the lake. Shelly and I also tried to do a photo shoot with the girls......well, have you ever tried to get two one year olds to smile at the same time? Didn't happen for these two, but we got a lot of cute pictures of them and their Daddies. Thanks Levy's for a fun 4th!

Beating the Heat

This summer Lilly and I would go outside to beat the summer heat in the backyard or at the splash park. I am so thankful that Lilly loves water. It takes her a little while to get used to the water wherever we go, but once she does she loves it and can't get enough of it. She also enjoys helping Mommy water the plants. When she does water she would rather do it herself! She does not like for me to hold the hose with her.

Backyard Fun at Gramps

Lilly loves bubbles and Grams and Gramps have a bubble machine in the backyard that Lilly loved playing with on our trip to celebrate Mom and Dad's 30th Anniversary. We ate with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Devan and had a fun time playing in the backyard. Gramps has a beautiful backyard with lots of flowers. He has always had a green thumb!

Potato Harvest

At Nana and Granddad's there is a beautiful large garden in the back yard which supplies all the grandchildren wonderful vegetables all summer. One time a year there is a Potato Harvest and the grandchildren come to help dig up the potatoes. This year it was in the middle of June and everyone but the two littlest, Lilly and Benjamin, worked to harvest the potatoes. Lilly and Benjamin were able to relax, play, and take naps while all the other grandchildren worked their fingers to the bone! I think they will be big enough to help next summer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big News.......

Well, I have been missing for a little while and have a lot of updating! We are expecting and Lilly is going to be a Big Sister in February. Lilly will be two in February and her Daddy will be 29. We are very excited and look forward to adding to our family.

These past 3 months have been some of the most tiring months I have ever experienced. I do not remember being so exhausted with Lilly, but I didn't have an 18 month old at the time either. That probably makes a big difference! So, needless to say the blog and many other things have gone to the wayside while I have been awaiting the second trimester to appear. I am hoping for that boost of energy to come running back. I can not complain though, because I have not been sick once. What a blessing!

I just got my very own canon so I have lots of pictures to share with you. This was a gift for my birthday from about anyone who gave me a gift this year!haha I am enjoying it, but look forward to really figuring out how to use it. I need Betsy, Charity and Kizzy to give me some lessons!

I will tell you more about our summer in another post. I hope it has been a fun one for you. Talk to you soon!