Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My friend Piper

Shelly and Piper came to visit last week and we had a good time dressing the girls alike. Aren't they cute! I'm sure they will have to do this for years to come! We miss you girls already.

Fathers Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day, Rusty.

The Eagon Family in Woodward. We had a good time visiting with everyone.

This is Benjamin, Lilly's closest cousin in age. He is so cute and a lot of fun to play with.

This is Lilly's 3 year old cousin Katie from Norman. She is a lot of fun and loves to sing!

Here is Lilly with her Nana. Lilly was held a lot this weekend from all of her grandparents and aunts.

Rusty had a wonderful first Father's Day weekend. We went to Arapaho on Friday night and ate at Lilly's Granddad's favorite Mexican Restaurant in Arapaho with all of her cousins. We celebrated Aunt Cortney's birthday and mine. Rusty worked with his Dad on the farm on Saturday morning and Lilly played with her cousins and napped. We then went to visit her Grams and Gramps in Woodward. She had a good time playing and visiting. We went to Church with them on Father's Day and ate lunch at home.

We are very thankful for all of our Dad's and Grandpas! We love you.

Lillian's Nursery

Here are a couple of pictures of Lilly's room. I just finished some drapes for her room that my friend Shelly helped me with, but I took these pictures before they were hung. Lilly was hanging out in here crib when I was taking the pictures and had to take one of her. She is about to roll all the way over from her back to her belly. Every day I am just waiting for it to happen!

Eating food with teeth I might add!

Lilly just cut her first two teeth last week. She is only 4 1/2 months old, but she has two teeth already. We all thought something was going on with all of the smacking, fussing, and drooling but the pediatrician did not think teeth would be the result. Then one day I felt on her little gums and was surprised to find a sharp little bud of a tooth. You can feel the two teeth, but it is hard to see. She does not like to move her tongue long enough to show them off.

We are also eating food. She has tried peas, bananas, and we are currently eating green beans. It is fun to watch her try new things and she is starting to get the hang of it. It sure is a mess! I did not think I would be spit at by my child, but it happens daily and green beans do not just wipe off easily.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have moved!

May was a very busy month with our big move. Here are a couple of pictures of the house we just remodeled in no particular order. Hannah, I will get a picture of Lilly's nursery up soon! It was a lot of work to move with a 3 month old, but well worth it. This is the reason I have not had a lot of time to update this blog. Lilly is slowly adjusting to her new life. She has just started sleeping, for the most part, through the night. She goes to sleep around 8 - 8:30pm and wakes up from 4:30 - 7:30am then goes back to sleep until around 8 - 9am. In my books that is sleeping through the night.

Well, I must go. Lilly is waking up for the day. We are going to try to make some curtains for this house, with the help from some of my wonderful sewing friends! Hope to post some more pictures of Lilly soon.