Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

This is Lilly's "Pumpkin" the snowman she made with her Daddy after we got back from Christmas. We asked her what she wanted to name it and she said "Pumpkin". She loved being out in the snow so much, we had a hard time getting her to come inside. Actually the snow man is still standing in our back yard after two weeks. It's so cold outside!

So, 2010 is going to be a big one for us. We are expecting our second little girl in February. I thought I would give you a pregnancy pic. My shirt is sticking out in the back.....that isn't all of my back end please let me note!haha I feel like a barn and am ready to have this precious little one out of my body, but am I ready for the craziness? I think so. I have washed the baby clothes and Rusty has put the cradle together. It's so funny how different getting ready for the second one is compared to the first baby. We are very excited. Keep watching for news of her arrival!


Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! We hope you had a great one too. It was such a great year fellowshiping with our friends and family. I was not stressed out at all and we did so many things.

Lilly saw Santa twice once at Daddy's Office and at Nana and Granddad's.....the picture above is Granddad dressed as Santa. What a fun tradition. What Lilly remembers the most about Santa is that he brought her a sucker and a piece of chocolate. She wouldn't go to either one until we told her that he would give her candy! She never cried, which I was surprised. At the beginning of December when the Christmas Tree went up she started to say she was "scared" because Christmas was coming. I didn't understand for awhile, but she meant Santa.

Lilly also made a gingerbread "shack" with her cousin Noah at our house. I call it a "shack", because it wasn't a traditional house. I tried to make them without a guide! Why I thought I would know how to construct a house out of gingerbread is beyond me. They loved it!

Lilly loved spending time with her cousin's at Nana's. They played and played. You can see them in their matching Christmas PJ's.

Before we headed to Woodward for Christmas, Rusty, Lilly and I spent Christmas together at our house. We went to Lilly's favorite place for dinner....Chickfila! She got to see the cow dressed up as Santa and played in the play place with some girls. We came home and opened our presents.

We then headed to Woodward with Aunt Devan to visit Grams and Gramps before the blizzard hit. We got to go to a Christmas Eve service, have Christmas with Grandma Eagon and enjoy just visiting with family and friends. It was very relaxing.

Then we headed to Plainview, TX to see my Grandma Bennett and family. Lilly was such a great traveler. It's a 4 hour drive from Woodward and 5 hours back to OKC. Lilly got to play with my cousin's children, which was a lot of fun.

The next weekend we went to Laverne, OK to visit with the Roush Family for Christmas. We had a good time seeing everyone and watching the OSU bowl game.

I can't believe it has come and gone. I can say this year I really felt connected to the true meaning of Christmas because of my sweet little lillian. We would talk about Jesus birth almost everyday and she would remind me about it just out of the blue. Seeing how excited she was to look at the manger and talk about everyone who was involved in our Saviors birth, gave me a new perspective on what Christmas means. What a blessing.

Thank you Lord for little girls who love Baby Jesus!