Friday, August 29, 2008

Lillian's Model Pose

I had to post this picture. It looks like Lilly is posing with this "oh yeah I can work the camera" pose. Her Daddy and I took her out to Hefner Lake and we strolled around. It was such a nice evening.

Just thought I would post our most recent Family picture. We had a great one taken outside of our house, but I deleted it! I was so mad at myself. But, this one will do. I realized the other day that we hadn't taken a photo of the three of us since June. I probably take to many pictures, but I don't want to miss any of Lilly's different stages.

A couple of updates. We have found a Church that we are excited about, so we are getting more involved to see if this is where God would lead us to call our Church Home. With this it also allows me to drop Lilly off in the nursery. Well, Lilly hasn't been the most happy camper at the Church Nursery. They have had to get me once out of Church to come see about her and it always seems that she needs a bottle way before it is time to eat.....which means she must have had a fit. So, I am hopeful that Lilly will soon come to love going to the nursery and playing with the other kids. I am sure it is hard to adjust when we hangout 24/7 all the time and then to come to the realization that Mom isn't coming back for awhile might be a lot to take. She will learn after several weeks of the same thing that everything will be fine and Mom will come back sooner or later.

Also, we have another tooth on the top left side that just came through. I am excited to see what Lilly looks like with a mouth full of teeth. I did not realize that her tooth had broken through until Tuesday morning I heard this awful sound coming from her mouth. I thought what in the world does she have in her mouth. I reach in there and realize she is grinding her teeth together. Ahhh.....she does it a couple of times throughout the day now. It makes your whole body tighten up when she starts to grind.

Well, those are the updates. I hope everyone is doing well. See ya soon.

Just Hanging Out

Here is another picture of Lilly's first friend Casen. They are both 6 months now. Case's Mom meet me at the Mall and we talked and played with the kids. It has been so nice having someone who is literally in the same stage I am with little ones. I hope we are able to always keep up with Casen and see how each of these two kids lives change throughout the years.

Gram's and Gramp's came up to babysit while Mom and Dad went out for our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Lilly had a great time and so did her parents. Thanks for babysitting!

These two pictures above are photo's of Lilly's Great Grandparents. Grandpa and Grandma to her Mom. They came up to see our new house and to see little Lillian. My Grandma got Lilly this cute hat from Woodward. I just love it. Lilly does a great job at keeping it on.

We had a really busy week last week, but this week has been nice and slow. Lilly probably gets a little bored with just hanging out with Mom on weeks like this!haha Lilly is really rolling everywhere right now and yesterday she rolled onto the wood floor. I didn't think she would like the hard surface, but she played on the floor for 30 min. It is so funny to see how they take so many things in when they first discover them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daddy is finished studying!

We are all so glad that Rusty is finished studying. I think he is very happy to come home after work and not have to crack open a book. I just thought this picture of him and Lilly was sweet. She loves her Daddy. When he comes into the room she gets the biggest smile on her face.

I also posted a picture of her in a long sleeved outfit that our friends the Reeves from Bartlesville gave her. I just can't believe it is starting to become fall. It has rained for 3 days here and it has dropped to about 75 degrees. I am loving it. I just about got giddy the other day when I thought about fall. Rusty and I are both excited about football season.....for very different reasons. Rusty loves watching football and I love to go to Stillwater for OSU games and visit with friends. I am learning to actually watch the games while we are there. I am excited for Lilly to join in on the OSU festivities. I am sure I will have to get her picture taken with Pistol Pete.

Last Week

Last week Lilly meet Fred the Skeleton at Aunt Devan's apartment. It was funny to me that she was not scarred of it. She has already started to show signs of being scared of people she does not know. But she isn't scarred of the scary skeleton. You might wonder why my sister has a skeleton at home, but I must mention that Devan has a career in the health industry and studied Pre-Physical Therapy in college......that's why she has a skeleton. I am sure some day Lilly will think Fred is a fun toy to play with.

Lilly also visited her Granddad in the hospital last week. He had knee replacement surgery in OKC. We went to visit him and her Nana while he was recovering. Lilly enjoyed getting to see her Nana and Granddad, but wished he didn't have to be in the Hospital. We are glad you are back at home, Granddad. Please pray for Clint as he begins therapy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sitting Up

Lilly is growing and changing so fast! She is 6 months old, 25 1/2 in long and weighs 15 lbs 4 oz. she officially started sitting up on her own for long periods of time this weekend. It is fun to watch her play with her toys while sitting up. Lilly is sitting on this beautiful quilt that Rusty's friend Judi Sumter from Bartsville made for Lilly. We just love it! Thank you, Judi!

She is currently sleeping from 8pm to 7 or 8am and taking 2 to 3 naps in the afternoon. She takes a bottle four times a day and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. About a week before she turned 6 months we had to put her on formula full time. I was really sad that I was not able to continue breastfeeding her longer, but around 4 months of age we noticed she was not gaining weight very well and she started fussing a lot during her feeding times. For about 2 months I pumped and gave her formula. My milk slowly started decreasing.

If you have read my blog from beginning to end you will remember how difficult breastfeeding was for me. I worked really hard and prayed a lot about breastfeeding, so it was disappointing to me that I did not get to continue it longer then I did. I hope that I will be able to breastfeed longer with my next child. I never new that something so natural would be so difficult both physically, emotionally, and mentally. God teaches us so many things in life. I do enjoy the times I get to feed her a bottle and it is nice that others get to enjoy feeding her as well.

Lilly and I like to go on walks in the evening while Rusty studies for his CPA Exam. We live close to a Big Lots so we go "shopping" a lot. I always try to leave my wallet at home so I am unable to buy anything. It has been nice to go there and walk in the air conditioning since it has been 107 degrees here.

Rusty will be taking his last section of the CPA Exam this weekend! We all are excited for him. I know he is ready to stop studying. That is just a little update on our lives. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Last weekend Lilly and I went to Tulsa to hang out with my girl friends from College. There are five of us that get together every year to spend quality time with one another. We are girls that will always be sharpening one anther to become better women of God. It is such a blessing to have friends that love me and want to encourage me in my walk with God, in my marriage and as a Mom.

These pictures are of three of our little ones. Three of us had girls this year in 2008 and two of them, after a long weekend with babies, have decided never to have children! Just kidding. The babies were great. In the picture above we have Piper 3 months, Lilly 6 months and Kinley 5 weeks old. They are all so beautiful. I like this photo of the three of them because it looks like they are serious models......their thinking "I guess we can do one more photo shoot, but we better be getting paid the big bucks for these!"