Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Hanging Out

Here is another picture of Lilly's first friend Casen. They are both 6 months now. Case's Mom meet me at the Mall and we talked and played with the kids. It has been so nice having someone who is literally in the same stage I am with little ones. I hope we are able to always keep up with Casen and see how each of these two kids lives change throughout the years.

Gram's and Gramp's came up to babysit while Mom and Dad went out for our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Lilly had a great time and so did her parents. Thanks for babysitting!

These two pictures above are photo's of Lilly's Great Grandparents. Grandpa and Grandma to her Mom. They came up to see our new house and to see little Lillian. My Grandma got Lilly this cute hat from Woodward. I just love it. Lilly does a great job at keeping it on.

We had a really busy week last week, but this week has been nice and slow. Lilly probably gets a little bored with just hanging out with Mom on weeks like this!haha Lilly is really rolling everywhere right now and yesterday she rolled onto the wood floor. I didn't think she would like the hard surface, but she played on the floor for 30 min. It is so funny to see how they take so many things in when they first discover them.

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