Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sitting Up

Lilly is growing and changing so fast! She is 6 months old, 25 1/2 in long and weighs 15 lbs 4 oz. she officially started sitting up on her own for long periods of time this weekend. It is fun to watch her play with her toys while sitting up. Lilly is sitting on this beautiful quilt that Rusty's friend Judi Sumter from Bartsville made for Lilly. We just love it! Thank you, Judi!

She is currently sleeping from 8pm to 7 or 8am and taking 2 to 3 naps in the afternoon. She takes a bottle four times a day and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. About a week before she turned 6 months we had to put her on formula full time. I was really sad that I was not able to continue breastfeeding her longer, but around 4 months of age we noticed she was not gaining weight very well and she started fussing a lot during her feeding times. For about 2 months I pumped and gave her formula. My milk slowly started decreasing.

If you have read my blog from beginning to end you will remember how difficult breastfeeding was for me. I worked really hard and prayed a lot about breastfeeding, so it was disappointing to me that I did not get to continue it longer then I did. I hope that I will be able to breastfeed longer with my next child. I never new that something so natural would be so difficult both physically, emotionally, and mentally. God teaches us so many things in life. I do enjoy the times I get to feed her a bottle and it is nice that others get to enjoy feeding her as well.

Lilly and I like to go on walks in the evening while Rusty studies for his CPA Exam. We live close to a Big Lots so we go "shopping" a lot. I always try to leave my wallet at home so I am unable to buy anything. It has been nice to go there and walk in the air conditioning since it has been 107 degrees here.

Rusty will be taking his last section of the CPA Exam this weekend! We all are excited for him. I know he is ready to stop studying. That is just a little update on our lives. Have a great day!


Amanda said...

oh lilly is so sweet! tell rusty good luck on his exam!

congrats on breastfeeding so long. you did everything you could do - and still hung in there when it was hard. i kinda think that your body knows when the baby is eating other foods and starts lessening how much milk you make. lilly needed other foods and your body knew that. i think that's natural - i've seen that with other babies and moms whose babies have wanted to start eating cereal and solids. i think the only reason why i still have milk is that case isn't interested in solid foods yet. probably when he does, i bet my milk supply goes down.
anyway, i'm glad you were able to nurse at least for 6 months : )

Albert & Codie said...

Yay, Rusty! I bet he'll be glad to get that over with. And yay for Big Lots! Haha. Sounds like you & Lilly are having a lot of fun just scoping out the town together. =)

No Homecoming for us this year - it's just too far now! Hoping to be in our house by the end of October. It's starting to move along... Talk to you soon!