Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip to Woodward and a Big Congrats

Rusty was away on an Alumni Reunion in Stillwater while we made the trip to Woodward, but I do have to share some big news.....He passed the CPA Exam! Yeah Lilly and I are so proud of you, Rusty. You have worked extremely hard and deserve a big break from studying.

Lilly and I went to visit her Grams and Gramps in Woodward with Shelly and Piper. The girls did great on the trip up, but it was a crazy ride home. Lilly had two dirty diapers, Piper cried for an hour and we ran over a skunk! Praise the Lord Shelly and I have a lot of fun laughing together. We had a great time visiting and we enjoyed playing with my grandparents too. Woodward was having a small festival and we got to stroll around dowtown. It's always fun to go home and see whats going on in your hometown.

Hangin with the Girls

We had a wonderful time visiting Auntie Shelly and Piper in Ardmore with our friends Lindsey and Kinley. The Levy's just moved a couple of weeks ago and we are so happy that they are close to us. It only takes an hour in a half to get there. The girls were so great and we just talked and ate Shelly's good 7 layer dip! yum It is fun to get together to talk about all our child training questions. And having 3 girls pretty close together is also a blessing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Pokes

Here we are at the first OSU football game! Go Pokes! We had a great time and Lilly did amazing. She loved being passed around to all of the people setting around us. Lilly really likes anything when it involves lots of people and the outdoors. I think she is going to be my social bug.

Below are fun pictures I have taken of Lilly the past week or two. Sometimes after I put one of her outfits on her I take a couple of pictures. I know it's a little silly, but there is going to be a time when Lilly will want to pick out her own clothes and won't let me do it anymore. That will be so hard for me because I love clothes so much. I decided I better take advantage of it while I can and capture it on camera.

Lilly is 7 months and weighs 17 lbs 4oz. She has 4 teeth, one that just started coming in today, and is just about ready to start crawling. She wants to crawl so bad, but has not realized she needs to left up her belly off the ground to get going. She had a wonderful experience in the nursery this Sunday and even took a nap while she was there. I was so proud of her. We are just loving this little girl and enjoying every moment of this growing experience.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun in Arapaho

Lilly and I went to get the oil changed in our car before heading to Arapaho on Saturday. We didn't realize Saturday was the worst day of the week to get an oil change, but we quickly learned. It took 2 1/2 hours! Well, we found a cute store to look in while we were waiting. It's called Cloverleaf. It had the cutest things. This is Lilly waiting outside of the store before they opened in her orange stroller....go Pokes!

Granny and Lilly. Granny sure enjoyed getting to hold Lilly.

Lilly played with her cousins Noah(above) and Katie. Katie is so cute with Lilly and really loves on her a lot. Lilly likes all the attention her cousins give. They had a great time together.

This is Lilly's Nana and Granddad. Rusty was helping Granddad on the farm this weekend while we were visiting. Lilly and I just played while Rusty did all the work! Lilly has on her Baby Roush shirt that Rusty and I gave Clint and Pam when we found out we were pregnant.