Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun in Arapaho

Lilly and I went to get the oil changed in our car before heading to Arapaho on Saturday. We didn't realize Saturday was the worst day of the week to get an oil change, but we quickly learned. It took 2 1/2 hours! Well, we found a cute store to look in while we were waiting. It's called Cloverleaf. It had the cutest things. This is Lilly waiting outside of the store before they opened in her orange stroller....go Pokes!

Granny and Lilly. Granny sure enjoyed getting to hold Lilly.

Lilly played with her cousins Noah(above) and Katie. Katie is so cute with Lilly and really loves on her a lot. Lilly likes all the attention her cousins give. They had a great time together.

This is Lilly's Nana and Granddad. Rusty was helping Granddad on the farm this weekend while we were visiting. Lilly and I just played while Rusty did all the work! Lilly has on her Baby Roush shirt that Rusty and I gave Clint and Pam when we found out we were pregnant.


Jennifer said...

She is so cute, Chandra!! And you look BEAUTIFUL in the pics!! I can't believe she already has teeth!! Cole doesn't have any just yet, but I am okay with that so far :). I look forward to meeting Lillian soon. Are you taking her to OSU games?

Jen said...

Hey Chandra! I'm so glad to see updates of little Lillian. She really has changed. And teeth! Hudson still doesn't have any, so it seems weird when younger babies are getting them. I think I'll be done nursing him before he ever even gets one! Tiffany said you were at the game last weekend. I hope we can meet up sometime when you are in Stillwater. How was she at the game, by the way?

Roger and Charity said...

That is a great picture of Lillian. She is so cute! I look forward to visiting with you sometime to share first time motherhood experiences.

Albert & Codie said...

I love the new pic of you and Lillian in the corner of the blog - that's a keeper for sure! My favorite of Lillian by herself is still the model pose...too funny!

We stayed safe from the storm - thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Talk to you soon!