Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Pokes

Here we are at the first OSU football game! Go Pokes! We had a great time and Lilly did amazing. She loved being passed around to all of the people setting around us. Lilly really likes anything when it involves lots of people and the outdoors. I think she is going to be my social bug.

Below are fun pictures I have taken of Lilly the past week or two. Sometimes after I put one of her outfits on her I take a couple of pictures. I know it's a little silly, but there is going to be a time when Lilly will want to pick out her own clothes and won't let me do it anymore. That will be so hard for me because I love clothes so much. I decided I better take advantage of it while I can and capture it on camera.

Lilly is 7 months and weighs 17 lbs 4oz. She has 4 teeth, one that just started coming in today, and is just about ready to start crawling. She wants to crawl so bad, but has not realized she needs to left up her belly off the ground to get going. She had a wonderful experience in the nursery this Sunday and even took a nap while she was there. I was so proud of her. We are just loving this little girl and enjoying every moment of this growing experience.


Amanda said...

little cutie! casen finally got 2 teeth (at the same time).

Hannah E. said...

Yeah, I don't look forward to the days when clothes are battle with Parker. It's hard enough that Joel won't wear what I tell him to wear! =)
My niece Maggie (who is 3 and 1/2) has entered the phase of fighting her mom on how she wants her hair fixed. Clothes aren't an issue yet, but her hairstyle is VERY important to that little girl! She wants nothing to do with bows and she defends her preference by telling my sister-in-law, "Real mommies don't wear bows." Since she's always playing mommies to one of her baby dolls, she thinks she shouldn't have a bow in her hair that her own mom wouldn't wear. It's really funny! But probably won't be funny when it's my daughter fighting me on that stuff. I'm with you, clothes are fun!

Jennifer said...

Cute Pics! I love the polkadot tights!! Can't wait to see her in October!! And you too of course!