Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Week

Last week Lilly meet Fred the Skeleton at Aunt Devan's apartment. It was funny to me that she was not scarred of it. She has already started to show signs of being scared of people she does not know. But she isn't scarred of the scary skeleton. You might wonder why my sister has a skeleton at home, but I must mention that Devan has a career in the health industry and studied Pre-Physical Therapy in college......that's why she has a skeleton. I am sure some day Lilly will think Fred is a fun toy to play with.

Lilly also visited her Granddad in the hospital last week. He had knee replacement surgery in OKC. We went to visit him and her Nana while he was recovering. Lilly enjoyed getting to see her Nana and Granddad, but wished he didn't have to be in the Hospital. We are glad you are back at home, Granddad. Please pray for Clint as he begins therapy.

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