Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring How Lovely!

Last weekend we took a trip to Norman for Lilly's cousin Noah's 2nd Birthday. She had so much fun playing with Katie and Noah's toys. We also couldn't get her out of Noah's New Birthday Toys including a John Deere Tractor! We have a John Deere Tractor book which is also her favorite book to read. Maybe she is going to be a Cowgirl. Then we headed to visit our Friends the Levy's to play with Piper. It was a beautiful day and we had such a great time hanging out with friends. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!


Hannah E. said...

Ok, I LOVE your hair all wavy in that picture of you and Lilly. And I really like Lilly's gold sandals too. =)

I'm going to be emailing you girls from the old Bible study group soon about inviting y'all to meet up at my house for a weekend together...hopefully one that involves Canton weekend too! Waiting on a couple more scheduling things, then I'll be in touch. Hope it works out!!

Roger and Charity said...

I like the ponytail!