Thursday, April 23, 2009


Miss Lilly was not feeling so great Easter weekend. We had to take her to the doctor for croup. So we played a little at Grams and Gramps and visited with our my cousins at my Grandma Eagon's. We did dress up to eat lunch, but we didn't get to go to Church this Easter. I think this was probably my first Easter of my life not to go to Church. We celebrated Christ's love for us in our hearts and thanked him for giving his life so that we could live with Him. Lilly is feeling much better and happy as can be. Next year will be a fun Easter Egg Hunt for her, so we hope she is feeling good then!

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Amanda said...

poor sweet Lilly! Betsy had to take Sam to the ER for the croup a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe Camden hasn't come down with it yet. Can't wait to see Lilly again! and I can't wait for our adult only dinner!!!!