Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Lilly had so much fun yesterday playing with her good friend Daxx! It was beautiful and we decided to go outside and water the flowers. Daxx is about 3 weeks older then Lilly, so they play really well together. Lilly does like to take his pacifier away from him, so his Mommy was smart to put the pacifier clipper on him before sending him our way. Well, as you can see it did not stop Lilly from "trying" to take it from him! Maybe Lilly remembers the days of her pacifier youth and wants to take a suck off of his. I do not know. She is a thumb sucking girl herself. I wish she still had a pacifier, because I am worried she will suck her thumb until she is 5! I am not doing anything about it now, I guess I'll just let her enjoy being a little one.

You can tell the kids have different clothes on in these pictures. We decided it was pretty dirty outside and we didn't want to get our nice clothes soiled. It was also hot! It was 90 degrees yesterday. The kids loved when I would spray the water and little drops of mist would land on their faces and arms. I can't wait to get the sprinkler out for Lilly to run through. She is going to have a fun time this summer.


Hannah E. said...

Funny that you explained the clothes - because Shelly is here and we were just thinking, "That's different that Lilly's wearing a disney character shirt!" =) Just didn't seem like something Chandra Roush's daughter would wear!
She's such a cute girl.

Jennifer said...

Soooooo, since the first one is so cute, when you thinking about the second??? :) She's adorable! Love the Easter pics too! Miss you lots. I will call you soon to catch up. I was talking to Ang yesterday, and we both agreed that we sure missed you! :)

Kat and Ryan said...

Chandra, Lilly is getting so big. She is precious. I'm cracking up about your explanation with the clothes. I thought it was funny too that Lilly was wearing a Disney shirt. Ha!