Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Lilly is doing these days

Just being the cutest little sweetheart her Mom ever met!

Going to the State Fair with Mom and Dad. Having a lot of fun petting the cute animals at Agtropolis.

Swimming with her Daddy and cousins.

Riding the Clinton Train with the Roush gang.

Spending the day hanging out with Grams.

Helping take care of Grandma Eagon after her eye surgery.

Being silly in her pack-n-play while Mom works in the office.

Getting into Mom's laundry basket and taking out everything in her
diaper bag while Mom cooks in the kitchen!

Reading about tractors with Granddad and cousin Benjamin.

Celebrating Nan's Birthday with the Roush family!

Taking care of Gramps after some of his doctor appointments
by reading books to him.

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