Friday, October 23, 2009

Rusty is about to be out numbered

I thought I should post a family picture with just the three of us, because it only will be 4 months until a new little one will be joining us. Surprise, it's a little girl. Soon Rusty will have to be playing dress up and having tea parties with all three of his girls! I can not believe we are having another little girl in exactly the same month. My sister and I were both born in June, so I have a little experience with this. We are three years apart and my girls will be two. Sisters are such a blessing and I am so thankful for mine! I pray Lilly and this new little one will grow close and have a life long friendship. I know there will be many days of fighting about who is the boss of who, someone just took what was theirs, who's turn it is to ride in the front seat of the car, and who gets to wear that shirt they both wanted to "share" when shopping at the mall a week earlier. But, in between all of that will be fun times of hugs and kisses and playing and learning about our Savior Jesus together. We are so excited for her to join us. Lilly I know can't wait until her "Seesster" comes for her to take care of. That's how she says it, it's so cute. She loves giving babies their bottles, pacies and blankies. I know she is going to be my Big helper.

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Mendy said...

I love the new pictures! can't believe how big she is getting. Hopefully we can see her soon! We miss you.