Thursday, September 10, 2009

Purple Superhero

Lilly is growing up so much and it is a lot of fun. I had to share these pictures of her being a superhero with her "blankey" while Mom was trying to fold laundry. She has started to really love her blankets and talk about going "Nigh Nigh" all day. It's so funny. She doesn't really want to go to sleep she just likes to pretend. I am enjoying this pretending stage. She makes me "pizzies" in her kitchen and likes to serve me juice for a snack. She also likes to jump on my back and say "monkey", "monkey". We pretend I have monkey's on my back and it cracks her up. Her favorite show to watch on TV is Curious George. I started letting her watch about 15-20 minuets of TV after her naps. We don't have cable, but we do get OETA Kids and at 3pm Curious George comes on. She likes to yell "monkey" "monkey" at the TV when he comes on and throughout the entire 15 minuets. That's really the only show she likes, so if our nap isn't over at that time she misses it and really would rather just play. Lilly still loves bath time, but has started to lay in the water and swim on her belly. She is a great eater, almost eats anything except potatoes. It doesn't matter what kind of potato it is, besides french fries, she will not even touch them. I have been surprised, but she still likes her vegetables, but she eats them much better with a fork and if you give it to her before the good stuff. She loves pickles and asks for them if she sees anyone else eating one. She talks about going potty a lot, but has never actually been on the potty. We have sat on the potty for up to 15 minuets, but nothing happened. I guess we aren't ready for that yet. She loves the church nursery right now and has no problem going. When we drive up to the sign outside our church, she says "chuwrch" "chuwrch", which is too cute! Also, Lilly loves to say Hi to everyone she sees. When we are in the store all of the older people just light up when she tries to get their attention.

Rusty and I really love this sweet girl and are having a blast seeing all of the new things she is learning everyday!

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