Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update

My friend Hannah requested a pregnancy update, so for her and all of my followers...haha here it goes. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feeling great once I hit 14 weeks I started getting my old energy back. I just started feeling the baby move this week which has been a lot of fun. I posted this picture because it is the most recent about two weeks ago. Our ultrasound is scheduled for September 25th. We are excited! We do not have any names and we have decided to wait to see the baby before we officially name the child. I have heard from others this means we will be harassed for the next 5 months about not picking one, but we wanted to do it a little different this time. That's about it. Thanks for asking Hannah!


Hannah E. said...

Thanks for fulfilling my request! =) You look cute! I predict BOY, by the way.

Shelly said...

hannah's predictions are usually right!