Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The weather outside is frightful

Lilly and I have been enjoying this cold weather. We traveled last week to visit Piper and Shelly while Michael was away and had a lot of fun. Boy was it cold! The girls are able to play together more and more. It is fun to get them together.

It has been Christmas at our house since a week before Thanksgiving. Rusty has the outside of our house looking fantastic and is hoping he places in the neighborhood light competition. If he doesn't win this year he says he is stepping it up next year!haha We both worked on the Christmas tree inside. Lilly has magically stayed out of the tree and the presents. She is walking around everything and crawling so much faster on her hands and knees that I am surprised we have not had any problems. Lilly and I also like to listen to nonstop Christmas music every day! If Lilly could sing she would have all the Christmas songs down by now.

Well, we are very excited to celebrate Jesus birth. I am so thankful God sent his son to die for me. I am in awe of God's sacrifice now having a child of my own. I can not fathom giving Lilly up for anyone, let alone someone who is a sinner such as myself. So, I just want to really celebrate this wonderful majestic gift God sent to us so many years ago! May God's free gift of grace be a joy to you this year and many more to come.

Merry Christmas,


Hannah E. said...

You're right...having a child gives a fresh perspective on God sending his child to die. It makes me think a lot of different things about Mary's experience than I used to as well...being pregnant riding on a donkey, giving birth in a stable, etc. What a woman!

Thanks for the Christmas card! I miss seeing you. =(

Albert & Codie said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying the holidays ... loved your Christmas card!

Hope you guys have a very blessed Christmas!

Jennifer said...

She's a doll! Hope you had a great Holiday. I agree with Hannah's comment on all of it. :) Miss ya!