Friday, January 16, 2009

Holiday Fun

We had a fun Christmas. Lilly really liked playing with her toys and the wrapping they came in. We traveled to Plainview, TX, Woodward and Arapaho. She was a wonderful Traveler. It already seems like it was several months ago. We loved getting to spend time with family.

Lilly is growing up so fast. She is officially off the bottle and drinking milk. It is such a mess! I think drinking out of bottles is a little easier, but I wanted to get her to drink her sippy cup before she could scream for her bottle. I did not think it would ever happen because she was so attached to the bottle, but once I figured out I needed to warm her milk up she did not care about the bottle anymore. She has been sucking her thumb a lot more since she dropped the bottle. I think her bottle was a comfort to her. I guess we will have to work on the thumb sucking at another time.

The next big event is her Birthday. She is almost one and her Daddy is almost 28! They share a birthday, which is very special.

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Jennifer said...

Happy almost birthday RUsty and Lillie! I wish I was still 28!