Monday, December 1, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving with the Roush Family

Cousin Katie was so much fun to play with . Lilly just loved being with all of her cousins. Benjamin is in the backgournd drinking a bottle. He is only 6 weeks older then Lilly and is walking all over the house. It is so cute!

Nana has a lot of fun toys to play with at her house. With 8 grandchildren you need a lot of toys!

Granny looked so beautiful for our afternoon lunch.

Aunt Cortney, Benjamin, Tempe, Harrison and Noah. We had a great time visiting with everyone.

Tempe is a great help with the baby's!

I already posted our Roush family photo on a previous blog. The weekend before Thanksgiving we spent a fun weekend in Arapaho visiting with Lilly's cousins. She just laughs and plays and enjoys watching all the activity. It will be a lot of fun when she gets a little older because Noah is only 10 months older and Benjamin is 6 weeks older then Lilly. I wonder how she will do keeping up with the boys. Lilly is an out door girl so, she should be fine getting dirty. She must have inherited that from Rusty, because I never was much for getting any part of me dirty, which kept me inside a lot!


Hannah E. said...

Isn't it fun having a nephew just weeks older than Lilly?!! Jonah's cousin Maggie is 5 months older than him, and Parker has her cousin Brady just 3 months older than her. Joel and I were just talking this week about how fun it is to have be able to see what stage we're about to be in before we get there. Brady is all over the place crawling and he loves to play and wrestle around, and it's fun to think about how Parker will be doing the same things so soon. And now that Jonah and Maggie are older, it's really fun for them having a cousin so close in age. I love it! My brother is 9 years older, so when I was younger I wouldn't have guessed that he and I would have kids around the same ages. Y'all have so many kids on Rusty's side of the family, you will have even more fun! Holidays take on a whole new level of excitement once you have a child, don't you think? Have fun with Lilly's first Christmas!

Roger and Charity said...

Sounds like you had an eventful Thanksgiving holiday. I look forward to seeing and visiting with you and Lillian at Christmas.

Jennifer said...

Lilly is so cute!! Can you believe how fast this 1st year is going? Hey, you read my mind yesterday! I was thinking that I didn't have your address, and I needed to get it to send you your christmas card, then later in the day, I got yours...with your address on it!! :) Good work! :)