Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th just hanging out at home. We did not see any fireworks this year due to little one's bed time of 8pm, but we dressed Lilly in her cute red, white and blue and went out to eat for breakfast at Classen good!

I can't believe how big Lilly is getting. June was such a fun month of watching her grow and begin to sleep through the night. It has been nice to finally be settled in our home. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and finding a church home. We have been working on finding a church, but it takes a lot of time in such a big city.

I am anxious to find some women that have children to connect with. I have been so blessed with friends in Bartlesville and Stillwater that I miss a lot. I know God will provide a great group here as well.


AmyBerg said...

I can't believe how fast Lilly is growing! She is absolutely gorgeous. Miss you lots!


Cathy said...

It is amazing to see how much she's grown when you look at the earliest pictures of her on here! What a cutie!

Hannah E. said...

Yes, Lilly Pie does look so big in these pictures!!

I love how your brain works....when I saw that picture of her in that cute skirt a few posts back, I thought, "I love that! I wonder where she got it." And two seconds later, I saw the link you gave in case anyone wondered where to get that skirt. Now, that's thinking about your readers!! =) And we appreciate it!

I will be praying for new connections for you there in your new home. That transition time when you move towns can be so hard...and it does take time. I hate that. But what has always encouraged me is that while I'm looking for those new relationships and putting effort into building those, I make sure to stay as well connected with "old" friends as I can and it sounds silly, but even just reading more books can help me feel like there are people who are pouring into my life. Even blogging helps you feel like you have interactions with people while you wait for more of those to happen where you live. You are so good about pursuing those friendships and not just waiting for it to "come to you" so that will speed up the process a lot, I'm sure.

I wanted to hide myself in Shelly's suitcase on Thursday so I could come see you. She told me y'all were going to work on a project together. I want to work on a project with you girls!! Y'all have fun.

Jennifer said...

What a cute little girl! She looks like she's getting a lot taller too! I, of course, recommend Life Church! :) My friend, Kari, goes to Crossings in Edmond and likes that real well too. We will have to come see you when we go to OKC next!