Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has been a Very Long Time.....

There probably isn't anyone who checks this blog anymore.  I haven't posted in 3 months.  We have been busy girls.  

I am busy running after "Both" of my little sweeties.  Sophia started walking on Christmas Day and has not slowed down.  She is into everything.  She also likes to run away from us when she has something in her mouth she knows she shouldn't or she has something she knows she shouldn't.  

Here are a couple of 
pictures of the past few months.  As I am posting this I realize I did not get a picture of the girls in their cute Christmas Dresses or even one where either of them look like I brushed their hair!  Oh, well.

 My Christmas Cowgirls.  We all three got cowboy boots this year.

 The girls are starting to play together, at times.  Lilly doesn't want Sophia in her things or touching her babies, but she does allow her to come into her room for a short amount of time or if Mom makes her!  I look forward to when they play together and have lots of fun.

 Sophia is just as friendly as Lilly, which I really didn't think that could happen.  I love how my girls just love people.  They light up when we are out and about.  Sophia likes to say "HI" to people that pass us by.  She only says a few words, but she is so sweet.

 I love this picture of Lilly.  Her hair is so crazy and this is what I deal with all the time.  We can not get the static out of it in the winter and no matter how many bows, braids or pony tails we try it ends up looking like this!  I know Lilly is going to look back and wonder if I even bathed my children.

 Christmas 2010

 Christmas 2008

Lilly and Sophia are wearing the same outfit in these pictures.  Can you tell how much they look alike?  Sophia has a little more hair and it is darker then Lilly's.  But they do have a lot of Roush in them.


Laura said...

I still check!!! I love seeing pictures of your two beautiful girls...it looks like they're a lot of fun.

Amanda said...

Ya'll look great - i can't believe how big the girls have gotten! They're precious Chandra.

I like your hair long too - it's pretty.

we all got cowboy boots too for Christmas! : )

Jen said...

Love the updates and all the pictures!!! Looks like all the Roushes have grown more hair in the past 2 years. :) Funny that you didn't get dressy pics of the girls. I didn't get any of my boys either. Disappointed, but just have to remember it in my mind. So exciting that Sophia started walking on Christmas. Is she sleeping any better? I've thought of you many times in the past few months and wondered. A still gets up, but we're okay with that. Oh, and Lily's ballet pics are adorable, too!

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