Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I just ran a 5K!

Okay many of you probably laughed when you read my title if you have known me for very long. I have never been known for my athletic ability, okay what am I kidding, no one on this green earth has actually seen me in action besides getting up and down out of a chair.  Well, there was that time in High School that I actually decided to be on a Kids Inc. Basketball team as a Junior in High School.  I am pretty sure I feel down in the middle of the court and no one was even around me.  I also didn't even have a ball in my hand.  That's the kind of athletic ability I am talking about.

But.....I have emerged a new woman in 2010. 
I have been working out since June and it has been a lot of fun.  We do a little running and I decided to run in our communities downtown 5K.  My goal was to just finish without stopping.  I ran it in 30 min's.  I really enjoyed the feeling and hope to continue running.  I wish I would have started this so long ago, but I always thought I couldn't do it.  Funny thing has happened since the birth of my children.  It has given me motivation and a confidence to try new things that I didn't have before.  

I am thankful for the blessings God has given me with these two little bundles of joy. 
Many of them unexpected.

Here we are after the 5K.  The girls did great hanging out with their Nana while I ran the race.  

 This is Mary my Boot Camp instructor.
I work out with her 3 days a week.

This is before the race.  The weather was fabulous.  What a fun morning in our fun little town.


Jennifer and Daniel said...

sure wish i would've been there to cheer for you & celebrate with you. i fully intend to run one of these in my lifetime. ;-)
so proud!!!

albert & codie said...

YAY! That is really great, Chandra! And what a perfect time of year to run a race! Hope to see you guys soon.