Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Up with Lilly?

Lilly is always up for a good time!  She is my social butterfly, loves friends, and loves to go go go.  She is sweet and kind with lots of love for anyone she sees.  She has had a great summer getting to spend time with her friends above.  She is making faces with Daxxon, loving on her cousin Noah and haning out with her good friend Piper. 

We have a small little water spray park in our town, but it only sprays one hour a day?  Kind of crazy, so we have only done it once.  She loves to "hangout" with her Daddy.  She recently farmed with him for an evening and a morning while Sophia and I went to a Women's Conference.  She loves getting to ride the tractor and see the cows.  Rusty says she is a really good girl with him. 

Thank you Rusty, for being such a fun Daddy and for letting her "work" with you!

She loves for you to tell her stories and always wants to either watch a movie or read a book.  She is a very good Mommy to her babies.  Their names are Renna, Reagan, and Molly after my friends girls.  I am the Grandma and She is Mendy a lot of times.  What a joy to see your daughter actually pretending.  So sweet. 

I just love this girl!  I am having a lot of fun being her Mommy.

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Mendy said...

OH....I love that!! So adorable! I am really touched she likes to pretend to be me. She is going to take after her momma in the social department. And it sounds like she will be a little farm girl too! We miss you so much. Lov ya