Friday, August 20, 2010

Sopha Bia is 6 months

Sophia is getting so big!  This is what she usually looks like...smiling and so happy.  She loves to play with this new toy because for about two weeks she has been sitting up.  She loves her big sister and is just a sweet little joy. We like to call her Sophia Bia around here.  And I actually seem to call her that a lot.  Do you think she might look a little like her Daddy?

She is famous for doing sit ups all ready.  It is the funniest thing ever.  If she doesn't want to lay on the ground, she just starts pulling herself up like a sit up.  She is going to have the strongest tummy muscles.

We just started food a week ago.  She has eaten carrots, butternut squash, bananas, and rice cereal.  She doesn't eat much yet, but I can tell she is liking it more and more.  Lilly would love to feed her, but Mom doesn't allow that!  I am also attempting to get this child to sleep through the night.  I will say Sophia is much more spoiled then Lilly when it comes to sleep.  I have let the girl cry it out, but to no avail she still doesn't sleep through the night.  Actually my breastfeeding book said that she may not, but this Mom is TIRED.  I mean I thought it was bad that Lilly didn't sleep through until 4 months.  That was wonderful!  Oh, well....what is one year of your life without a full 8 hours?  I have actually been able to breastfeed Sophia much longer then Lilly.  This is a very exciting thing for me.  Breastfeeding Lilly was the hardest thing in my life and to be honest a little disappointing that it didn't work well for me.  So, it has been a blessing for it to be going well now.

Well, we sure are enjoying our two girls.  I will post an update on Lilly soon.  Have a great weekend!


Kat said...

I cannot believe she is 6 months! Your're girls are beautiful, so glad to hear the feeding is going well!

Kat said...
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Amanda said...

oh she's so pretty and happy : )
its going by fast again isn't it?
It took awhile to get liam to sleep thru the nite..i tried the crying thing out too like the "experts" say but it didn't work on him. he's probably been sleeping thru the nite for about a month now - around the time I started supplementing with some formula and solid food. maybe sophia will sleep thru the nite soon. hang in there! i know its hard going without sleep!

Shelly said...

I didn't know that she was sitting up!!!!