Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Pictures

Check out our family pictures!  Rusty's cousin Charity Teal took these on Friday.  They are wonderful, Charity.  Thank you so much. 

If you live in Western Oklahoma you need to have her take yours!

Click on Portfolio and then on Roush Family.  


Mendy said...

Beautifull!!! Beautiful!! You have such an amazing family, so photogenic. I love the ones in the wheat field of course and the black and white one of you with both girls. Can't believe how grown up Lilly looks. Gorgeous like her momma.

Jennifer and Daniel said...

i agreee... beautiful family, beautiful photos! charity did a truly fabulous job. you have some treasures to keep! =) and, of course, the fashion was perfectly executed. ;-)

The Morris' said...

So pretty! What a treat to have such great family pics!Loved all the clothing you looked accidentally perfect!