Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daddy's Beautiful Yard

Lilly and I are very proud of Rusty's yard. He has a very green thumb and really enjoys making his lawn look nice. It's kind of Lilly and my job to keep things watered and weeded. We sometimes slip-up on the job, but we are working harder at it. Lilly loves being outside and holding the water can. I am becoming more of an outdoors girl myself, since Lilly enjoys it so much. Man, children change you in so many ways!


Albert & Codie said...

It was so good to see you guys this past weekend. Lilly is growing up so fast, and what a beautiful little girl!

Hannah E. said...

Parker has that same shirt Lilly has on in those pictures. I'm such a fan of Target kid clothes!

Jason & Kizzy said...

we have a Nikon D40X and Charity has a D80. We bought ours about 2.5 years ago, right before they were coming out with the D80, I believe. I took a photography class this past month and am just now learning how to actually use a DSLR... It makes a world of difference, unless you are one of those people who are good at self-teaching... Hope you all are doing well!

Jen said...

Children absolutely change you! We spend so much time outside as well! I was just thinking today how much of the summer Hudson has spent in play clothes looking dirty, but being so happy! I try to relax about those things and just enjoy our time together! Wish you were closer!