Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Many faces of Lilly

It has been so fun to see Lilly grow. She loves to try to talk to you and watch your mouth as you talk with her. I can't believe all the new things she can do. Lilly has a duck that swings from her car seat that she will watch and talk to for a good length of time. Rusty bought her a mobile that has 3 fish on it that is attached to her crib. Her little eyes just watch each one as they pass and she shouts at them every once in awhile.

Well, as you can tell Lilly is napping. This is her second nap today and it is only 12pm! I think we are finally getting on a schedule. She is going to bed around 10pm, eating around 2:30am - 3:00am and waking up around 7am. We then take our bath and play. She then goes down for her morning nap around 8:30am. She wakes up about 9:30am - 10am and then today she stayed up and played on her Happy Hippo Gym for awhile and then went back down for a nap about 11:30am. When she wakes up we are going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather by taking a walk on OSU's campus and visit Daddy at school.


Albert & Codie said...

Chandra - I love all the details about her faces and noises and bath time...and, of course, breastfeeding! After reading your post, I have officially decided I am not having children. =) Just kidding.

I am really enjoying reading about your growing little girl, and I'm very happy that she is now getting into a routine - I know that is good for you. Also good to hear that Rusty is a great help to you - I knew he was going to make a wonderful daddy. You three have fun...I'll look forward to more updates later! Love, Codie

Hannah E. said...

Love the pictures of beautiful Lilly! I've been wanting to call you again because it just wasn't long enough when we talked the other day. I'm SO glad to hear that the nap routine is going better. I can't wait to see you at Michael's party...only a week away!!! YAY! I'll need to hold and squeeze that little girl a lot!

Scott said...

Those pictures are too cute! She is getting bigger. I hope to see her some day.

Cathy said...

Chandra - Lilly is so adorable. I loved the birth announcement you sent. She is such a precious baby and it is so fun to see her grow in these photos. Please tell Rusty hello! Cathy