Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning to Blog while teaching Little One to Nap!

Okay, I must apologize! I am not a very good blogger. Well, I might be better if Lilly took long regular naps. Actually, she is sleeping at this very moment! Yeah For the past 7 weeks I have not been able to get Lilly to nap, or should I say I have not allowed her to cry long enough to actually fall asleep. I should have large muscles in my arms from holding her, but no. I have a lot of updating to do. I will try to post more pictures today or when Lilly takes her next nap!

Lilly is growing and changing so fast. I have to say that I am probably changing just as fast as she is. Parenting is a new experience that no one can prepare you for. I am the type that reads all of the books and has to go by the rules and so that is what I did before my precious child came into the world. I still was not prepared. I think that God allows that to happen, because He is the only one that you can lean on and rely on. If I would have been the perfect parent on February 2, 2008 what would I need Him for?

I can say I am far from perfect and I have needed God more then ever. Starting with breastfeeding. I am going to say this once and then I will stop repeating it to every person I meet. Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever done!!! I had no idea it would be so painful and time consuming. I can laugh at it now, because everything is starting to become natural for me, but if you would have talked with me 3 weeks ago I would have told you I am on the verge of giving up. People kept telling me to hang in there and it would get better after 6 weeks. I honestly did not believe them, but it has. I felt like no one told me before I had Lilly that breastfeeding would be hard, but as I spoke to more and more mothers they agreed that it was very difficult for them. I will try to warn more expecting mother's as I come in contact with them.

My favorite time with Lilly right now is Bath Time! She is so cute and loves the water. I give her a bath everyday. She really does not need one everyday, but it is too much fun. She loves her mobile in her crib that her Daddy bought and put up for her. I just can't believe how much a child changes from the time you lay her down to sleep to when you she wakes up the next morning. Just this morning she made the sweetest little sound that was new. When your child looks up at you with the look are my Mommy... that probably is the most rewarding part of parenting so far for me.

Rusty has been an amazing Daddy and we are a great team! It has been so fun watching him with Lilly. He does everything and has been so great to let me go and do somethings outside the house while he watches her. Sometimes that can be hard when you are breastfeeding and Mom is the only one that can feed her, but he does it anyway.

I better go, but I did want to tell you that I will be working on my blogging skills and hopefully post many more pictures for you to see. I also want to mention for those of you who do not know me very well.....I am a very poor speller. If you see any mistakes, that is just me!

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Sometimes Cole has cried for 15 minutes to fight the nap. It's horrible when it takes that long but sometims u gotta let em do it? At least she sleeps good at night! She is precious just like her mommy!

Angela said...

She is soooo beautiful! I think I remember telling everyone how breastfeeding is the HARDEST thing you will ever do!!!! It is way worse then labor...atleast it was for me! :) Before your a mom people just don't understand! :) I love seeing all the pictures of you guys. Hope all is well!!!!