Monday, February 2, 2009

My Sweetheart Party

I had so much fun planning Lilly's First Birthday Party. The picture of her at the top was the picture on her invitation. We did a photo shoot in the living room one day. That is a little harder then it looks. must be amazing to get all of those kids to sit for you! I love to make things so I made a birthday banner and a crown. I used mostly paper I already had and found a scrapbook store that let me use their die-cut for free! So the banner was so inexpensive. Also, I found a lot of the hearts I decorated with for a $1. My Mom and my friend Shelly let me borrow several glass items and it was finished!


Hannah E. said...

Cute party! Love the theme. And Lillian just totally looks the part of sweetheart. By the way...I know she favors Rusty and all, but I'm starting to see more of you in her too, Chandra!

Curious...what was your menu? I couldn't tell what that dish was on the right side. =) I always soak in all of the party ideas I can get.

Albert & Codie said...

How cute! Happy birthday, Rusty & Lilly! Love you guys.

Roger and Charity said...

It all looked so cute. Maybe I will come to you for ideas when MK has her 1st. Lilly's dress is super cute. You always come up with the cutest outfits.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! The party is soooo cute!!! I LOVE the banner!!! And of course the star of the show couldn't be cuter!! What a sweetie!