Friday, May 30, 2008

Just a quick update...

Lilly is slowly learning to play in her toy that Grams is letting us barrow. She does not like to be left in it alone, but if I am where she can see me she will play for awhile.

Dad and Lilly. Where do you think Lilly got all of her good looks? Daddy has some strong genes. I think Lilly may have my lips, but not a whole lot more.

My friend Mendy and I visited my best friend Shelly to meet her sweet little girl, Piper Reese. Shelly is an amazing Mom and looks like she never had a child. Piper is 2 1/2 weeks old and Lilly is 15 weeks. They are sure to be good friends. We had a lot of fun. Thank you Mendy for driving down to Texas with me.

Lilly with her friend Piper! She is so glad she finally arrived to play. Lilly went all the way to Tyler, TX to welcome her into the world.

Lilly's first OSU Baseball game. My friend Amanda is holding Lilly and I am holding Amanda's son Cason. This is Lilly's first friend...they were in the hospital together. The OSU outfit Lilly is wearing is the first outfit I purchased when I found out I was pregnant. I did not know if we would have a boy or a girl, but I knew we would have an OSU fan!

We are so excited to be living near our Auntie Devan! Devan came over for dinner the other night and held Lilly while I tried to get a few things done around the house. It is very hard to move with a 3 month old!

Here is Lilly's Nana and Granddad with their 8 grandchildren in Arapaho for Mother's Day weekend. Lilly is the brown headed one.

Rusty took us to Deep Fork Grill for Mother's Day. It was a lot of fun...until Lilly had a major diaper blowout and we had to change her whole outfit. It is hard to change a diaper in a bathroom without a changing table! We enjoyed the wonderful food and atmosphere.

Grams came to visit and brought Lilly her first bathing suite. She looks so cute! We can't wait to get in the pool this summer.

Below is our friend Josh Fuller from Michigan. We were so excited that Josh was able to come and meet Lilly for the first time.


Amanda said...

it's fun to see all the pictures of lilly with your family and friends. what memories!
i can't imagine case having a diaper blowout at a restaurant. he had one this weekend at his grandpa's and it was bad enough trying to clean it up there!

Hannah E. said...

Great pics! I need to get bows where you get Lilly's bows! Thanks for coming to see us while you were here - I loved seeing you and your sweet girl.

Oh yes, Jonah once had a blowout at St. Johns hospital and it took FOUR adults to handle clean-up. I'll spare you details, but it was HORRIBLE. I will never forget that day. Another time when Jonah was a baby, he got struck with a stomach virus, only it "struck" at Walmart and I had to leave an entire cart FULL of groceries to get him home to change him. But you have those experiences and you truly feel like a real mom! Nothing glamorous about it, that's for sure.

Jennifer said...

Oh, the diaper blowouts!! Cole has had several! He gets that from the Pregler side of the family. :) Once at an anniversary party, once at a graduation, several just around the house--ya just never know with him, so I always have to have a change of clothes with me. :)

Lily is so sweet! I'm so glad to see new pics of her! You'll have to keep them rolling! Miss ya.

Scott said...

I don't have any comments about diaper blow outs but i did love your comment about not being sure about a boy or a girl but you knew you would have a cowboy fan!

How do you like OKC? Is Rusty enjoying his new job?